Dear New and Returning Students,

Welcome to Yale Graduate School Christian Fellowship for the new academic year 2019-20!

We are a community of Christians in the graduate school who meet regularly for prayer, fellowship and the study of scripture. In our fellowship, we seek to discover how we can use our academic skills wisely, how we can connect our scholarship and our faith, and how we can love and serve Christ in our departments and in our lives. We are connected with a range of local churches and organizations within and beyond Yale, seeking to share the message of God’s love in New Haven.

We welcome new and returning students and post-docs, friends and affiliates, across all departments for an exciting semester of discussions and social events.

During the school year, our regular weekly meetings will take place on Monday evenings at 7pm.¬†Please contact any of us for further details, and don’t forget to sign up to our e-mail list to stay up to date.


2019-20 Grad Fellowship coordinators: Kiersten, Daniel, Kaylie, Kevin, Naomi, and Matt

We invite you to join our e-mail list to stay informed about our activities.

If you’re new to Yale, welcome! Our links page will point you toward churches in the New Haven area and other Christian organizations on the Yale campus.